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Gatheround provides complimentary access to unfunded volunteer-led communities. (Note: this does not include NGOs or startups). If your group qualifies, we invite you to apply here.

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Easily foster connections among community members

Create engaging conversations for your community with just a few clicks

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Conversations to spark joy and connection

Don’t stress about crafting the perfect event. We’ve done the work for you.

Remarkably simple facilitation

Automated matching options for breakout sessions

We do the work to make sure your members are meeting new people in every breakout round.

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Allow members to share their intros, ideas, or questions in an equitable way.

Event summary emails

Your members can connect with one another after events, without needing to share contact info.

Welcoming for all!

With both low and high engagement opportunities to participate in every event, we’re built for your most extroverted and introverted members.

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