Gather better. Get your team talking.

Off-the-shelf agendas to get you started. Hosting as easy as pressing play. Engaging, inclusive conversations at the moments that matter most.

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Designed for how humans actually connect.

Your antidote to Zoom fatigue. We make it simple to bring your team together in a way that’s both wildly fun and deeply meaningful.


Set the cadence and add your rituals to the calendar.

Nice job creating your event!

Now, set the cadence and add it to your calendar.

Every 2 weeks
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Bring your team together and hit play to start the activities.

Alisha OMG I love this song! 😀 🎵 ❤️
Rahim is in the house! Week in sum: long!
Ben Hey everybody—let’s get started!


Watch your team connect, bond, and learn together over time.

What advice would you give to your younger self?
What advice would you give to your younger self?
What advice would you give to your younger self?

Get started in minutes with expertly crafted templates

Don’t stress about designing the perfect event. We’ve done the work for you.

People love that Gatheround is

See for yourself what makes Gatheround so special

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From the moment you log into Gatheround, it signals, ’This is different! This is human! This is fun!’ Our employees are truly grateful for an experiential platform that, in our remote-first world, instigates real, meaningful conversations.

Jenny Strauss
Senior Director, Employee Experience and DE&I at Demandbase

Gatheround is a game changer. I am able to create inclusive, memorable moments for new hires and execute the logistics with just a few clicks. It’s beautifully designed, and easy to navigate. I will take Gatheround with me to any organization I join.

Michelle Azizzi
Head of Talent Experience & Enablement at Gusto

Gatheround takes the guesswork and grumbles out of onboarding icebreakers, sparking connection in our new hire cohorts immediately. It’s been essential in pivoting our onboarding experience from process-centered to people-centered.

Jordan Conway
Employee Engagement Manager at Calendly

To say we’re obsessed is an understatement. Gatheround is so easy to use and receives overwhelmingly positive feedback. It’s even more fun and impactful than most IRL meetings thanks to the seamless matching functionality and conversation starters.

Gesche Haas
Founder & CEO at Dreamers & Doers

Gatheround engages the team in a relaxed, thoughtful, and even whimsical way. It works for something light, but just as easily for a weekly meeting or a retreat. It keeps people’s attention in a fun and meaningful way.

Anthony Mitchell
Senior Manager, Transit & Micromobility Policy and ERG Lead at Lyft

See for yourself what makes Gatheround so special

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We help hundreds of organizations build thriving culture

We believe that technology can bring us closer together

Distraction. Isolation. Polarization. It’s time for a different kind of online experience—one where authentic conversations build connection, understanding, and trust.

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