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High-impact video meetings everyone will love. Gatheround makes team time count.

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Every meeting, all in one place

Connect, align, and engage your team when it matters most. From polls to presentations, all the interactive essentials you need to keep the team’s focus.

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  • Seamless presentation mode with multiple layouts and picture-in-picture to keep audience attention
  • Easy Q&A’s. Collect submissions from the audience, allow upvoting and commenting, and moderate with host controls.
  • Record all the action for anyone who can’t make the meeting

Designed for participation

Engaging and collaborative activities that focus attention (and make it hard to zone out.)

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Split the group into pairs or small groups for in-depth discussion

What makes Gatheround a game-changer?
Gatheround signals, 'This is different! This is human! This is fun!' Our employees are truly grateful for a platform that sparks real conversations.
Jenny Strauss
Director, Employee Experience and DE&I

For people who wear a lot of hats and run a lot of meetings

Their most-used agendas are:
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Your team will thank you

The best meetings on the internet

Welcoming, warm, and really (really) fun to use.

Tons of ways to take part, for all kinds of thinkers

With more than a dozen ways to participate, no one gets left out of the conversation.

Mandatory fun is no fun

A different way to hang out at work. Because nobody wants another virtual escape room.

Friendship in the flow of work

Don’t set social time apart. Close work friendships make people 7x more engaged at work.

Do more while meeting less

Better results and stronger collaboration when you add our efficient building block structure to the meetings you already have.

Made for how people actually connect

Real conversations, no awkward silences. We get teams talking and on the same page.