Only 12% of All New Hires Love Onboarding.
At Calendly, It’s 98%.

“This has been the best onboarding experience of my career.“

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Industry: Productivity Software
Company: 500 remote-first employees
Use Cases: Onboarding, Team Meetings, Talent Development, Employee Engagement, and more
Gatheround Plan: Enterprise

The Challenge

Great onboarding is more than orientation. It’s an organization’s only opportunity to make a stellar first impression — and it can make or break the business. New hires who have positive onboarding experiences are more engaged and 62% more productive. A Gallup survey found they’re 2.8 times more likely to feel prepared to excel in their role. And they tend to stay on long-term, giving their all to their employer and saving the organization the stratospheric cost of replacing them. (SHRM estimates it costs an average of six to nine months of a role’s approximate salary to hire and onboard a candidate.)

Key Results

A smiling Gatheround mascot and an illustrated heart.


of respondents to Calendly’s new hire survey reported that they “absolutely” had a good onboarding experience.

The Partnership

Calendly knows a thing or two about exceptional onboarding. While Gallup found that “only 12% of employees strongly agree that their organization does a great job onboarding new employees,” 98% of respondents to Calendly’s new hire survey reported that they “absolutely” had a good onboarding experience. How do they do it? Jordan Conway, Calendly’s former Senior Onboarding Program Manager, credits Gatheround, an innovative social connection platform, as a key component of Calendly’s best-in-class onboarding:

“Gatheround has been essential to pivoting our company onboarding experience from process-centered to people-centered. It takes the guesswork out of icebreakers and sparks connection in our new hire cohorts immediately.”

Jordan Conway, former Senior Onboarding Program Manager

The Outcomes

For Calendly, onboarding is an unmissable opportunity to practice “Starting with Human” — their unique organizational value that puts emphasis on people as the beating heart of the company. For new hires, that message comes through clearly; Gatheround is a memorable, human moment that helps them connect with Calendly culture and become part of the team.

“Gatheround made my onboarding experience feel so connected. From the group topics and games to the 1-on-1 breakouts, I felt like I got to know my company and new colleagues in a thoughtful and fun way.”

New Hire

“Gatheround was such a neat part of onboarding — a highlight, for sure.  It was a fun, engaging way to get to know your new hire class that goes way beyond your typical 'ice breaker' questions and experiences.  I also loved starting each session with some energizing, pump up jams.  10/10 would recommend it to a friend!”

New Hire

Bringing the “start with human” ethos to onboarding is one of the reasons that an overwhelming majority of Calendly’s new hires describe feeling “absolutely” welcome at the company, while peer organizations struggle with new hire experience. Calendly stands out from the pack — and the magic of Gatheround is one of the key ingredients to keeping new hires engaged in the organization’s mission and community from the moment they arrive.

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